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    Retaining Wall

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are ideal for all kinds of commercial garden projects as they are very effective in terms of their structural stability. Corf Contracting Melbourne have the correct design and technical know how to install.

We use concrete infill panels as part of the overall structure. These Concrete Panels also need to take the load and resist bending. In some cases the concrete infill panels are reinforced with steel to give structural stability.

Concrete Footings for Sliding & Cantilever Gates

Corf Contracting are experts in Footings for Gates and Fence Posts. We understand the specific material requirements as well as the engineering specs

As with any project, we can advise on how best approach your requirements, ensuring there are no budget blow outs

Retaining Wall Options

Retaining Walls are custom made as well as made to suit a number of requirements. So there are some options to consider;

Treated Pine Sleepers

Concrete Sleepers

Visual Aesthetics

Concrete Footings Options

Sliding Gates are also custom made in most cases, so there are some options to consider;

Single Leaf Construction

Double Leaf Construction

Pedestrian or vehicle access

Manually Operated Gates

Self Closing Gates (Soft Shut)

Automatic Gates

Underground Operator

Ram Operation